Bill Consolvo riding Penny Farthing at Grand Opening in March 2010.

Bill riding the Venge
Bill Consolvo riding the Specialized Venge at the 2012 Specialized Product Launch in Montreal.

Becky Consolvo with the VW Consolvo Bikes bug.

Demo Day in the parking lot with Andrew from Specialized in 2012.

Specialized Road Bikes

The famous all carbon Roubaix modeled after the Paris Roubaix that takes all of the bumps out of the ride.

The famous Specialized Epic Comp 29er with a brain that kicks in your rear shock automatically when you hit a bump.

Norco Team DH Race Full Suspension

Rear shock of the Norco Team DH Race bike.

The fit room for a professional fit for road bikes.

Great selection of road bikes.

Dirt Jump hard tail bikes

Beautiful hybrids.

      Specialized Globe Hybrids with baskets and racks.

Great selection of wheels in stock.

All the stuff you need for fixies and triathlon bikes.

Great selection of BMX bikes.

The new Norco Range.

John Price with new grind box made by John, Jeremy Gallant, and Bill Consolvo donated in 2012 to Dieppe Youth House next to Mathieu Martin school. 

 Ride from CBikes                   Sean Ritchie and Brigitte Dionne       1st Annual IWK ride to Halifax

Ray Brown, Krista Koval and
Sherry Mercer 
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