Best Office Chairs Under 200 in 2020 – reviews

If you’re like me, the little luxury chair is an important part of your home office. The best office chair under 200 is necessary because I can’t sit in a normal chair, it has to be designed for the home office, especially when we sit for long hours. After seeing what back pain causes in people, I know how important it is to have the right support, which only comes with a quality chair.

The best office chairs under 200 have a lot to offer. A quality brand gives you incredible support, adjustable heights, headrests and sturdy materials that last a long time. Because comfort is everything, I’ve created this top ten list that is suitable for any home office.

#1 SPACE Seating 5705E Professional AirGrid Office Chair

SPACE Seating 5705E Professional AirGrid Office Chair

For a touch of luxury at home, this high-quality office chair features a breathable mesh backrest and a soft eco-leather seat that is more comfortable than others in this design. The arms are adjustable to ensure you get the position exactly the way you like it. The adjustable supportive headrest lets you work in the right posture for hours of comfort. The materials are GreenGuard certified, which means there are fewer chemical emissions to worry about than with other products. It looks professional without being as tall and clunky as larger leather office chairs.

#2 Smugdesk Executive Office Chair

Smugdesk Executive Office Chair

This is an office chair for under 200 years which gives you a soft, padded feeling and great comfort. It can be set to a 125 degree tilt so you can find the right angle to help keep you productive. The back is designed to fit and support the spine. This is important if you plan to use it for a long time. It even has armrests that can be moved up and down to give you the right level of comfort when you change your sitting position. The height is adjustable and the leather is padded for long-lasting comfort that looks professional in any office space.

#3 Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair

Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair

This office chair has a simple design but uses high quality materials to create a sturdy seat that will last. The headrest has two purposes: it can be adjusted to your needs, but it also offers space to hang shirts or coats on the back. With lumbar support to help your posture and the mesh fabric to help improve breathability, it’s a chair that promotes comfort even when you’re sitting for long periods of time. The armrests are soft, which many office chairs have to overlook, and the ergonomic design has 5 steering wheels for 360-degree rotation.

#4  Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather

Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather

This high quality office chair is built to last and is suitable for working or playing for a long time. Depending on your style, you can choose from a few colors and the breathable mesh material reduces sweat and is water repellent. To make sure you can sit comfortably, pull the handle to the side to tilt it back, then lock it when you’re in the right position. The wheels allow you to move in any direction and they also swivel when you need to. The height is also adjustable up to 3.1 “and the sporty design is chic but still looks professional. one of the important thing is that it fits in the category of best office chair under 200

#5 TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Executive Computer Gaming Office Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Executive Computer Gaming Office Chair

Ok this might look like a racing car seat, but even if the sporty design isn’t for you, the functionality is worth trying. The comfortable seat is padded with memory foam and is therefore ideal for long meetings. The thick sponge inside supports your body, relieves it and promotes blood circulation. For taller people, the back is very high making it a great support for your head. Topsky has a footrest and a recline range of 90-175 degrees. The recommended weight is around 225 lbs with a maximum of 300 lbs and it also has a removable headrest.

#6 AmazonBasics Modern Low Back Armless Chair

AmazonBasics Modern Low Back Armless Chair

For those who need a mix of functionality and value, amazon Basics offers a bit of both. The low back design is preferable for many people because it helps maintain a better posture that other chairs encourage you to sleep in. The armless design is also good for keeping you focused, and the minimalist design means it will fit into any work area. You can buy them in different colors and the ribbed back looks great and adds to your comfort. If you are one of the many people who dread assembling furniture, you will be relieved to learn that it is easy to put together. it fits in the category of best office chair under 200

#7 DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Let’s start with something else, unless you’ve worked in a modern office before. This kneeling chair may seem a bit outside of Google’s seat, but it’s becoming a popular option for people who need to improve their posture while working out. Kneeling in an upright position increases the strength of your abs and can support up to 250 pounds. The padding is twice as thick as that of many of Dragonn’s competitors and gives you extra comfort when typing. You can adjust it to your height to make sure you have the correct posture. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a kneeling chair for your home office, this is one of the best.

Buyer’s Guide for Office Chairs Under 200

As a fan of comfort, an office chair is a big purchase in my home. Since most of us will be using it for long hours, it is important to make such a purchase properly or suffer from back pain. Luckily, a modern office chair under $ 300 can get your money’s worth.

Still, it’s important to know what to expect from a quality product. It is for this reason that I created the buying guide below. Ultimately, you can choose a chair that offers the perfect blend of functionality and comfort to increase your productivity.

What to look for in an office chair under 200

Adjustable height

There is no one-size-fits-all chair, but to make sure you can sit in the right posture, you need an adjustable height adjustment. It also means that it is suitable for couples who share an office space in their home and anyone can use it comfortably.

Lie settings

Even more adjustments, but that’s another important part. To ensure user comfort, most of the reputable brands have the option to sit back and relax so that you can sit down during a call or rest if you want to change your position. Most can back up up to 120 degrees, and if the chair is lockable, that’s even better.

Quality framework

This is of decisive importance for the quality of the office chair and should not compromise on products less than 300 years old. Look for good quality metals like steel and check the maximum weight to make sure it is suitable. Most can comfortably support 300 pounds and some can hold a little more.


It is important that you can move around the desk seamlessly so that the surface under the desk is not damaged. The casters should make it easy to rotate, slide and maneuver the chair in multiple positions and move it easily over a variety of surfaces.

Comfortable backrest

There are a few popular options here, with a padded leather or mesh design being the most readily available. These are super comfortable, the mesh is breathable and ideal for all temperatures. Some are divided into two parts, the lower part being used to correct bad posture.

Swivel armrests

This may not be available on all models, and while it shouldn’t be a deciding factor (as long as the armrests are still comfortable), it can be a nice plus. This is another way to place the chair in the ideal position for more comfort. It is usually rotated inward to allow a user to lean forward. best office chair under 200

head support
Not to be underestimated, a headrest is an essential part of what makes a high quality office chair more comfortable. You need to make sure that the back of your head is properly aligned to prevent poor posture from hurting you. Any chair whose head can be moved up and down is a good place to start.


Whenever I make a large purchase, I like to protect myself a bit and make sure I have a warranty. With an office chair under $ 300 I wouldn’t expect too much, but a few years is better than nothing. Chances are you’ll never need it, but it’s good to know it’s there.

FAQ’S (Frequent Answerable questions)

What is the best covering material for an office chair?

It mainly depends on your personal preferences, but the main choices are leather, mesh and fabric. I like leather for a professional look, but find it a bit too hot in the summer. A universal choice would be a mesh office chair as it is breathable but just as comfortable as the other options.

The edges may be less comfortable on some models. So pay attention to this. The fabric may be suitable for anyone looking for a specific color or design, as these covers tend to have more options. However, in terms of stains, these are arguably the worst and most difficult to clean.

What is the correct way to sit on an office chair?

The first thing you need to do for correct spine posture is to make sure that the spine is aligned with the back of the chair. While it can be tempting to relax whether we are tired or not, it is best to remember that good posture helps prevent back misalignment. best office chair under 200

Adjust the armrests so that they are at a comfortable height and your elbows are at an angle of up to 90 degrees. Do not sit with your legs under the chair or crossed to ensure good blood circulation to the rest of the body. Instead, keep her firmly on the floor to achieve the best posture when working on an office chair. Sit up straight with your shoulders hunched back and you won’t feel much better after a long time.

How many breaks should you take on an office chair

While there are other concerns, including the appropriate screen time for optimal eye health, another time to consider is the time spent in a chair during a session. Take frequent breaks and remember to take a walk so that the blood can flow through your body. Sitting for hours on end can have adverse effects on your health, including increased blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar, and cholesterol.

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