Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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When you want to buy a cargo carrier for your car’s rooftop, look for a carrier that is of high quality. The carriers are of different designs and costs and you need to make a wise decision. These carriers are preferred most because they have more carrying capacity and safe to use.
The carrier should fit in any car roof and waterproof enough to resist damage. To avoid making the wrong purchase in the market, the guide below will help you choose the top 10 best rooftop cargo carriers in 2021.

#1. Rightline Gear Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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This carrier is economical and cheap to afford. It is strongly constructed using a combination of polyester, PVC, and nylon. It will not fade away and will keep it clean and dry. It has corrosion resistant zippers to enhance durability. They are protected from being wet by the flap.
This carrier can be attached to crossbars or roof-rack rails.. This carrier is most suited for large vehicles with or without racks. The carrier is easy to install and in a compact design to be easily folded for storage.
#2. Rooftop Carrier for Cargo from Boltlink

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This carrier bag is constructed from 100% waterproof anti-rip and anti-crack fabric with ultra-strong double seam technology. This will make your trip more interesting because the luggage will be protected from extreme weather conditions. Have thick straps with soft-durable material to keep your cargo unmoved throughout the journey.
It has strong nylon straps with buckles that can easily attach to any car and this makes it easy to install. It can be easily folded and placed in its storage bag for only a small space when you are not using it. Has a 13 cubic feet storing capacity where you can put your luggage the way you want.
#3. Amazon Basics Rooftop Carrier

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If you need a convenient and reliable carrier, then consider buying this classic choice. It is constructed using a waterproof material to prevent damage. It has a fade resistant bag that will last you for many days.
It is a large carrier that can easily accommodate many items, and it is also suitable to hold many items. It has a good size zipper with stay dry-flaps to keep your stuff safe when driving. It is easy to store and carry because it has a compact design. When not in use, you can conveniently store it using the carrying bag t comes with.
#4. Reese Explore Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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This cargo carrier can free up room in your auto where it offers a large cargo capacity. The bag has spacious capacity which is excellent to relieve your car interior. It has dimensions of 38” by 38” by 18” that fit well in your car. This carrier is a perfect choice for SUVs, trucks, and other large vehicles.
It has a combination of construction and premium material to ensure unlimited protection. It has seams and waterproof coating for repelling water. Unlike some other hard-shell roof box carriers that are hard, this carrier is collapsible and flexible for easy carrying and storage. It is available at an affordable price.
#5. WINNIGO Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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This carrier has a water-resistant ceiling with double seam technology and a zipper flap. It comes with sturdy wide straps that have a seatbelt design and this straps help to keep the cargo in a stable position.
The carrier is large with enough space that offers 15 cubic feet space for your stuff. This carrier is flexible for easy carrying and storage. Most suited for trucks, SUVs, minivans and other large trucks. It has a rough material and a sewing combine that offer reliability. The protective roof mat keeps your luggage safe from scratches.
#6. Mockins Rooftop cargo Carrier

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This carrier is made from strong material that offers protection to your cargo even when the temperature conditions are in extreme cases. Have 2” pairs straps and Velcro straps that keep your cargo into position, and this will guarantee you the safety of your belonging.
It is simple to install in your vehicle, and it has a soft material that easily folds for easy storage. It is waterproof, and this will protect your luggage. It is spacious to comfortably carry more stuff.
#7. Whistler Cargo Carrier

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It is built from heavy-duty Tarpaulin that makes it 100% waterproof hence increasing the durability, and your cargo will be protected from rain, snow, or hails. It has a non-slip anti-scratch pad that keeps the roof bag securely into position without sliding where this will resist scratching of the car.
The carrier has 2” wide metal buckle straps that keep in position. It is a budget saving carrier that will suit your needs. A storage bag is included where it protects your cargo from tampering when you are not using it.
#8. Rooftop Cargo Carrier Vault Cargo Management

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Before buying this carrier, you should first consider its safety. This cargo carrier protects the cargo hence no damage will be seen. It protects the cargo because it has a heavy-duty fabric that protects the cargo from any damage.
It has a big capacity this provides more space for the cargo. It is user-friendly where it is simple to install, carry and store after use. The availability of straps ensures your cargo cannot slip from the car top easily and this carrier can be used in any car top.
#9. Rooftop Cargo Carrier from Keeper

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This is best cargo carrier currently in the market that you will get with a favorable price. It is usually made from high quality laminated iron that makes it durable. It has a flexible design which makes it preferable to be used for carrying odd-shaped goods.
The carrier is weatherproof such that it will resist any form of extreme weather conditions. The carrier folds easily, and this makes it portable to carry, and storing work is easy. Its spacious capacity makes it reliable to carry more cargo at the same time. It features straps that allow you to attach the cargo easily on any car rooftop.
#10. RoofBag Cross Country Roof Top Cargo Carrier


It’s an ideal choice to look because it has a good price. This carrier is easy to install in any vehicle whether you have a rack or not and a bare roof, crossbars, and side rails can be used with it. It has a pocket-friendly design, and this makes the carrier to fit in different cars easily.

The carrier is weatherproof to resist any form of bad weather where you can use it during raining seasons. It is made from quality materials that increase the lifespan of the carrier. The bag has an 11 cubic feet capacity for fitting more cargo. It has straps that allow easy for connecting to any vehicle.


1. Security: A good cargo carrier should always be equipped with a lock for securing your goods. This will guarantee you the safety of your goods even if you leave them at a particular place. The materials that make the bag should be sturdy and thick enough to resist any damage.

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