The 8 Best Turntables Under 500 for 2020

You can spend a lot of money in your quest for audio perfection, but the truth is, you have to draw the line somewhere. best turntable under 500

is enough money to buy a quality turntable, and some of the best options are on our list.

In this Whole Tutorial we are going to discuss About the best Turntable which will make your Day,

We’ve added a variety of options, including vintage turntables, some with speakers and some not. Our list of the best turntables under $ 500 has something for everyone.

Yamaha TT-S303 – Best Audiophile Turntable Under $500

Yamaha TT-S303 – Best Audiophile Turntable Under $500

Yamaha is hands down a name you’ve heard of when it comes to audio equipment. In addition to many musical instruments, they make several turntables, and although they haven’t made one in over 20 years, they are back with the TT-S303.

Not only does it look great with its sleek, modern finish, but it also offers great clarity and all the features you would expect from a high-end turntable, but under $ 500.

If you’re looking for the best audiophile turntable under $ 500, this might be an option. While there aren’t any of the connections that some people love about modern turntables, it’s hard to argue for the simple task of playing records.

The clarity of the Yamaha TT-S303 is up there with much more expensive turntables. Make sure to pair it with great speakers to get the best sound possible.

> Cabinet is very well made and sturdy, and designed specifically to reduce vibrating, which can be very annoying.> This doesn’t have any Bluetooth or other connectivity.
> Accurate tone-arm with great tracking, this doesn’t waver in pitch or speed at all.> No USB option to rip audio from vinyl.
> Comes with a preamp of very high quality, so you can send the audio straight to speakers.

#2 Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB – Best USB Turntable Under $500

Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB

It wouldn’t be fair to remove Audio-Technica products from our list of the best turntables under $ 500. It’s one of the best in their lineup, and although marketed as a DJ turntable and ideal for hooking up to a mixer, it can be used as a standalone turntable. You don’t have to be a budding DJ to get the most out of the Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB.

one of the important thing it comes in the category of best turntable under 500

This is a little different from most of the other products on the list which are designed just for the consumer side of the market as it has a more pro-audio feel.

This to the detriment of using your own cartridge. However, if you like to do that, the professional audio and anti-resonance let you enjoy incredible clarity and even USB comptaitable.

> Designed to be used by musical professionals, with very stable rotation and multiple speeds.> Doesn’t come with a cartridge. As it is designed for audio pros, the brand expects you to find and install your own cartridge.
> Switchable pre-amp lets you connect directly to speakers.>
> Comes with USB functionality that allows you to rip audio to computer with ease, great for archiving or converting old records to MP3.

#3 Fluance RT81 – Best Vintage Record Player Under $500

Fluance RT81 – Best Vintage Record Player Under $500

Decor isn’t a priority for a turntable, but some people prefer a vintage look and the Fluance RT81 is for you.

We wouldn’t be happy to recommend a turntable just because it looked like it and luckily it’s a product with the audio capabilities we’re looking for.

It’s also well under the budget of $ 500. It can forgo some of the more modern features, but that’s why we named it the best vintage turntable on the list!

Although there are no functions or USB connectivity, this is a very solid turntable. It does not suffer from the vibration issues that can sometimes occur with other cheaper turntables.

If you’re looking for a turntable that looks great and is a nod to old-school analog audio equipment, this is a great choice.

> Totally analog and designed as a homage to record players of yesteryear.> No digital features and connectivity.
> Comes with a brilliant Audio-Technica cartridge for precision and long-lasting durability.> Audio fidelity not quite as high as some of the other models.
> S-Type tonearm with immense accuracy> MDF wood underneath the walnut cabinet could be better quality.

#4 Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC) – Best Minimalist Turntable Under $500

 Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC) turntable

Modern, elegant and minimalist. This design is impressive and is suitable for many modern homes. The audio quality will blow your mind.

While Pro-Ject might not be as big a brand as some of the other products on this list, it has certainly created a brilliant contender for them with the Debut Carbon (DC).

one of the important thing it comes in the category of best turntable under 500

The top looks nice but comes in different finishes, so you can choose between white, black, and walnut. It can go with just about any interior decor.

The precision and smart design not only make a good difference, but also make it a great choice. While the brand isn’t as well-known as some of the others, Pro-Ject is making a name for itself with such impressive and well-rated turntables.

> Comes with an impressive, sturdy and accurate carbon tonearm.> No USB capabilities or connectivity.
> The weighty platter and padded bottom means that this record player stays very sturdy with no buzz.> The cartridge is not removable so you can’t change it if you wish to in the future.
> The precision belt drive and synchronous motor mean that the Debut Carbon is accurate and doesn’t speed up, slow down or change pitch.

#5 Crosley K200 – Best Turntable with Speakers Under $500

Crosley K200 best turntable

Most of the products on this list come without a speaker. They’re compatible with a wide variety of different speakers, of course, but there’s an additional problem with finding speakers and making sure they’re worthy of your turntable. There’s no point having a $ 500 turntable with $ 20 speakers.

The Crosley K200 is a great option for those who don’t want to worry about it. While Crosley is best known as a midsize home audio brand and doesn’t make elite turntables, the K200 is one of their best offerings. It costs well under $ 500 and is one of the top rated turntables under $ 500 that includes speakers as part of the package.

While not a top-notch audiophile product, such an all-in-one solution at such a great price, plus a ton of brilliant reviews, make the Crosley K200 a good option for listeners. home who need a mid-range product without the hassle of finding speakers.

> No need to buy speakers separately.> No USB option for ripping audio.
> Connect to the speakers via Bluetooth but there are also RCA outputs for connecting to different speakers.> The cartridge and stylus could both be better quality, in an ideal world. You can replace these if needed.
> Includes a slip mat which stops any vibration or jolts that can affect the sound.

#6 U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus – Best Simple Turntable Under $500

U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus best turntables

If simplicity is everything, check out the Orbit Plus turntable from U-Turn Audio.

U-Turn Audio is based in the United States and its products are assembled there. The brand was actually funded through a Kickstarter campaign as it tried to move away from the mass-produced plastic options that some brands are offering.

one of the important thing it comes in the category of best turntable under 500

The Orbit Plus is a great turntable for those who just want to enjoy the pleasure of playing vinyl records without the hassle of changing components or making complicated settings.

If you’re looking for something that’s super easy to start and set up, the Orbit Plus turntable with built-in preamp is a great option for you. It may not be able to rip vinyl or has a lot of settings, but it’s built to a very high spec.

> High audio fidelity, made in the USA to a very high standard of design and manufacture.> No extra compatibility features such as USB or Bluetooth.
> Precise tonearm combined with an Ortofon OM5E cartridge make for accurate sound reproduction.> The belt could be better quality.
> Excellent Pluto preamp included, simply plug straight into speakers via RCA for excellent sound.> No speakers included.

#7 Pro-Ject VT-E – Best Vertical Turntable Under $500

Pro-Ject VT-E – Best Vertical Turntable Under $500

Who would have thought that turntables after all these years of the same technology could have a new and exciting innovation? Well the Pro-Ject VT-E is such an innovation.

A vertical turntable may have seemed like a silly idea a few years ago, but now there are a few companies that offer this type of turntable.

The Pro-Ject VT-E has a very smart and space-saving design. If you want to place it in a location with more vertical space, it might make sense.

Let’s face it, a lot of people buy this because it looks cool and it’s a real talking point. Fair enough, the VT-E will make your guests inquire, but it’s not a novelty product and it has some cool features.

When you decide to buy this product, consider if you have room for a horizontal model. If you don’t, or just want an exciting new product to get the people talking about your home, the Pro-Ject VT-E is a great choice for you.

> Comes with a wall-mount option for even more space-saving capability.> Not the best quality tone-arm.
> Comes with a record clamp and power supply as well as RCA cables for connecting to speakers.> The drive belt can get knocked off due to the vertical design.
> Comes in left or right-handed options.

#8 Audio-Technica AT-LP5 – Best with J-Shaped Tonearm Under $500

Audio-Technica AT-LP5 – Best with J-Shaped Tonearm turntable

The Audio-Technica AT-LP5 is just under our budget of $ 500. It is one of the Audio-Technica turntables that caters more to the consumer audio market than to DJs. It has many great features that make it one of the best options for use in your home.

The AT-LP5 has very high ratings and is popular with audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts. It has all the functionality of most of the major options on this list, but also some additional USB functionality.

Many products designed to look good and play records at a constant speed did not take into account the fact that many people wanted to extract audio from old vinyl collections or even try audio for music production.

> High-torque motor offering two different speeds, 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM.> Could perhaps be improved with a cartridge which fits more of an ‘elite’ design and sound reproduction.
> The switchable pre-amp means you can easily add components and speakers.> No option to upgrade the preamp in the future.
> USB output and the option to digitize via Audacity software to turn LPs and records into digital files.


While there are some really high-quality products on the list that can cost several thousand dollars, turntables that can be purchased for under $ 500 are still outstanding options. best turntable under 500

The upgrades and extra features you get for your money when you spend $ 100 (check out our best turntables under $ 100) make these turntables much more viable options for those who want to listen clearly. These products include reliable belts and high quality tonearms in combination with brilliant cartridges.

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