Top Best Engine Stands In 2021

The engine block of automobiles and machines are heavy components that need stable platforms during mechanical repairs. Engine stands may not be handy workshop tools, but they ensure that mechanics access engine parts easily.

Normally, the thought of fixing big engine comes with great expectations. Among these thoughts include how to access different parts of the engine conveniently. Sometimes, you need to align a heavy engine before accessing it with work tools from any angle.

It’s better to choose a versatile engine stands that make it easy to work on engine blocks. The best engine stand has a space-saving design. It comes with heavy-duty swivel casters that can withstand the weight of the automotive engine blocks.

Apart from the ease of maneuvering these casters, you can lock when the engine block is in a stationary position. This type of engine stand often comes with a 360-degree head assembly and other innovative features.

Without fine welds of sturdy metal components, you might not enjoy the long-term service of an engine stand. Also, it could be unsafe to make engine rotations with poorly-designed engine stands. However, a favorite engine stand with heavy-gauge steel construction is durable.

It’s important to consider certain factors if you need high-end engine stands that allow you to work effortlessly. Apart from a rugged tubular frame, the right model of any engine stand should hold engine blocks securely. These are some features of top-market brands.

Best Engine Stand Reviews

#01. Sunex Tools Sunex 8300GB Engine Stand

Sunex Tools Sunex 8300GB

Do you need a foldable engine stand that is easy to store after fixing big engine blocks? Sunex 8300GB engine stand has adjustable parts and a four-wheel base. Each of these back casters can make 360-degree rotations, and they are easy to maneuver.

The front wheels are stable casters, but they can’t be locked. Also, Sunex 8300GB comes with an adjustable mounting head that fits engine blocks. It has adapter fingers too.

Since a simple turning of the heavy-duty crank handle activates the (63:1) worm drive gearbox, you’ll enjoy seamless and quick engine rotations. Usually, the engine stands with these features often gives mechanics access to every side of an engine block.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of working with Sunex 8300GB because its self-locking mechanism keeps the engine in any position.


  • The worm drive gearbox can rotate 1/2-ton of engine blocks

  • A space-saving foldable design

  • There are ball-bearings in these swivel casters

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#02. Torin Big Red Engine Stand

Torin Big Red Engine Stand

A sturdy engine stand can hold and rotate automotive engines during repairs. Torin Big Red looks portable and very easy to install, but it has a massive weight capacity of 1,500 lbs (3/4 tons). Apart from the rugged steel frames, its reinforced steel head provides support for engine blocks.

This engine stand comes with corrosion-proof frames. Also, the black and red paints are easy to maintain. As a durable stand with a wide base, the risk of engine blocks tipping over is very slim.

However, this all-steel construction has 4 adjustable arms and smooth-rolling wheels. Unlike other engine stands, these 6 swivel casters improve the stability of aligning engine blocks during maintenance tasks.


  • It’s easy to set up and uninstall

  • Four of the swivel caster wheels have ball-bearings

  • A 360-degree swiveling head with and lock mechanism

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#03. Performance Tool Engine Stand

Performance Tool

Performance Tool engine stand has 1,000 lbs capacity with a sturdy set of swivel casters. These heavy-duty casters provide stability for automobile engine blocks. Also, this W41025 engine stand has an adjustable mounting head that makes engine rotations quick and easy.

The all-steel assembly provides ample support for engine blocks too. With this unique feature, you can secure the engine block at different angles. Another impressive feature of the W41025 engine stand is that you can lock the head assembly in 6 positions.

Additionally, this engine stand is a great asset for mechanics that have small workshop cranes that are compatible with the 15.75-inch frame (the T-bar that holds the front wheels). With versatile engine stands, you can reduce the downtime that occurs during rigorous automotive repairs.


  • Rugged construction with heavy-gauge metals

  • 6-lock positions

  • A maximum load strength of 1,000 pounds

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#04. JEGS 80040 Red Engine Stand

JEGS 80040

This 1000-lbs (capacity) JEGS Red Engine Stand measures 33.5 x .5 x 8 inches. It weighs 53.2 lbs and comes with black and red coats on fine welded steel frames.

While the back swivel casters rotate 360 degrees, the front wheels just maintain their heavy-duty designs that enable two-directional movements. Also, you can adjust the mounting head to support your engine blocks.

This engine stand doesn’t require tedious processes of uncoupling or installation. With a small spanner, you can couple and dismantle different components of its heavy-gauge steel frames quickly.

What makes an engine stand very stable is its quality of construction, and this JEGS 80040 model fits these qualities.

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#05. Jackco Rotating Engine Stand

Jackco Rotating Engine Stand

Engine stands with smooth-rolling swivel casters allow you to rotate and position engine blocks at specific angles. Jackco Engine Stand comes with 4 well-built swivel casters. It’s 95-lbs equipment that measures 38 x 13 x 10 inches.

While its adjustable arms are compatible with a range of automotive engine blocks, the head assembly allows easy mounting because it rotates effortlessly. Apart from the 360-degree rotation, it can lock the engine in any position.

Normally, engine stands with sturdy frames prevent engine blocks from tipping onto the floor. This Jackco engine stand has high-tensile steel frames with square tubes. With this design, the high-grade steel frame will hold your engine blocks securely.

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#06. Harbor Freight Tools Automotive Engine Stand

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools Automotive Engine Stand comes with a sturdier steel frame than regular models of engine stands. Its quality welding of square pipes and attachment of adjustable arms are impressive.

These adjustable arms offer support and stability for 1000-lbs loads. You can rotate (360 degrees) a car’s engine and locks it in any desired position during repairs. Also, this engine stand has 2 fixed steel wheels and easy-to-maneuver swivel wheels respectively.

With this all-steel construction, you can withstand the impacts of heavy-duty engine blocks.


  • The ‘I’ shape base is designed to improve the support and stability of loads

  • It has smooth-rolling steel wheels

  • It has a sturdy structure

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#07. OTC Engine Stand

OTC Engine Stand

Wouldn’t you like to use well-designed engine stands to hold engines of light trucks and small vehicles? OTC 1,000-lbs engine stand has heavy-gauge material that can withstand the weight of automobile engines conveniently.

You’ll not experience sagging on this engine stand when it holds loads that are less than 1000 lbs. The tabular frame is strong enough to absorb stress from loads. Another important feature is its powder-coated steel components.

They are attractive and easy to clean when you have grease stains from engine oils. This 96-lbs has an adjustable mounting head and arms that rotate easily. You don’t have to worry about the stability of engine blocks when you align them at different angles.


  • The head rotates 360 degrees

  • It’s ideal for maintaining the engines of small cars and trucks

  • The capacity is 1000 Pounds

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#08. K&L Supply MC25 Metric Motorcycle Engine Stand

K&L Supply MC25

If you need motorcycle engine stands that are easy to assemble, the MC25 Metric Engine Stand is your sure bet. The MC25 is manufactured by K&L Supply and designed to last because it has quality parts.

This MC25 Metric engine stand works great for a range of inline 4-cylinder motorcycle engine blocks. Also, this engine stand can hold six-cylinder engines and rotate (360 degrees) them easily.

You don’t need to lift motorcycle engines with hands when you need to replace starter clutches, air pans, and transmissions. With this MC25 engine stand, it requires simple applications to align and lockdown engines during repairs.

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#09. OEMTOOLS 24846 Rotating Engine Stand


This OEMTOOLS Engine Stand can hold loads that are less than 1250 lbs securely. As a rotating engine stand, it’s ideal for several types of engine repairs.

When you need to replace spare parts in the manifolds of engine blocks, this 24846 model allows easy access to specific areas. While working on automobile engines, you can activate the head plate’s locking mechanism or rotate it in a 360-degree direction.

You can perform effortless rotations with its heavy-duty worm gear too. These unique designs are compatible with most automotive engine block configurations. Also, this tubular steel frame is a sturdy construction and it’s durable. It comes with foldable legs that allow you to store it easily.

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#10. Torin Big Red 750 lbs Engine Stand

Torin Big Red 750

Torin Big Red 750 lbs Rotating Engine Stand is made from heavy-gauge steel materials. You can keep an engine on this stand for many days without the risk of sagging or a collapse. Additionally, these sturdy tabular frame prevents engine stand from collapsing because of the bulk weight of loads.

It comes with four adjustable arms that fit many types of automobile engine blocks. These arms make 360-degree rotations effortlessly. Consequently, it’s easy to access the engine block and perform repairs from any angle.

With the Big Red 750-lbs engine stand, users can mount engines and align them in desirable positions. Also, engines that weigh less than 750 lbs can stay securely on this stand.


  • It has a single swivel caster at the front

  • Sturdy construction and a unique design

  • It allows 360-degree rotations

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#. OEMTOOLS 1 Ton Foldable Engine Stand


Would you like to use engine stands that can maintain specific positions of engine blocks during repairs? The 1-Ton OEMTOOLS Engine Stand allows for easy mounting and movements. It’s heavy-duty steel frames enhances the stability of loads and your confidence during work.

While holding the block, this tabular frame spreads the weight and makes it difficult for the stand to tip onto the floor. This design enhances the safety of lifting and working on engines. Also, the adjustable mounting head makes a 360-degree rotation.

This feature allows you to work conveniently too. As a heavy-duty engine stand, it comes with 6 swivel casters that are maneuverable.

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How To Buy And Use Engine Stands

One of the factors to consider while using engine stands is the safety of workmen and the equipment. Overall safety is important, and this useful information can guide successful working procedures with your favorite engine stand.

The capacity of The Engine Stand

When working with an engine stand, it’s good to know the weight of engine blocks, and not exceed the load limit. While a range of weight capacities are available, you should choose the type that meets your needs.

Three things might happen when the stand crashes because of the weight of a heavy engine block. You or the user might sustain injuries, damage the engine block, or break the workshop floor.

While it’s essential to work within the limit of your engine stand’s weight capacity, don’t forget to compare the ratings of the block and the equipment.

A Sturdy Construction

The quality of any material determines its strength, and most heavy-gauge steel materials are sturdy. Ensure that you are buying a rugged engine stand with all-steel construction. Their tabular frames and quality of welds are often noticeable.

From these factors, you can tell whether the risk of an engine block slipping from the tabular frame is high. Also, swivel casters with locking designs can prevent unwanted movements of engine stands during work.

Adjustable Mounting head

This part of the rotating engine stand helps you to align the block at different angles. They work with adjustable arms and hand cranks that turn effortlessly. However, the engine stands with poor build quality might need users to apply grease constantly.

When the mounting head of the engine stands doesn’t function properly, it might be hard to get maximum satisfaction. Regardless of the size of an engine block, the mounting head of a compatible engine stand should rotate it easily.

Get engine stands that allow 360-degree rotations, adjustable arms with long bolts weights, and hand cranks that don’t require you to bend every time.

The Design is Important

The term – design means different things, but it shows the build quality of any equipment. Since you need engine stands that are stable during work, it’s important to consider their ease of use.

While some engine stands are designed with worm gear mechanisms, others require users to apply manual rotations. It could be a very tedious task to turn engine blocks. However, it’s easier to work with rotating engine stands.

If you don’t enjoy time-consuming mechanical repairs, consider the overall design before buying an engine stand.


Engine stands with foldable designs are more portable than fixed types. When you can fold the legs in upright positions, it reduces floor and storage spaces. Most four-wheel engine stands are foldable.

However, the OEMTOOLS 1-Ton engine stand is a great model with 6 wheels. These foldable frames and smooth-rolling casters are designed to allow users to transport engine stand to on-site locations. With this portability feature, it might not be easy to lift engine stands that weigh more than 60 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Apart from an automobile engine, what does an engine stand hold?

Generally, engine stands make maintenance jobs on vehicles, trucks, and motorcycle engines easy. They come with components that allow you to rotate and align different sides of engine blocks.

The MC25 Metric Engine Stand (K&L Supply) is ideal for a range of motorcycle engines. It comes with a mounting head and adjustable arms like what you see in regular stands of automobile engines.

What size of bolts do I need when replacing the original bolts of my engine stand?

While the style of construction might be slightly different, most engine stands use 3/8-16 x 3.5 inches and 3/8-16 x 4 inches bolts. These types of bolts fit engines with 10 mm tapped holes.

What is the ideal way of ensuring safety when mounting engine blocks on stands?

It’s important to bolt the mounting head with your engine block. Then slide the block onto the stand to optimize stability and security.

Final Verdict

Instead of allowing you to make wrong buying decisions, we decided to compare quality models of engine stands with a range of capacities. By comparing their features, you can choose the type that meets your projects conveniently.

However, it’s important to have a good eye for detail when you need to buy engine stands. Check their specifications and the build quality of your favorite model. Generally, engine stands are easy to maintain and install because they often come with operational manuals.

It’s important to set up and operate the engine stands according to the recommendations of manufacturers. Consider your safety, and ensure to stay within the limits of the engine stand’s weight capacity.

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